At Present, Aluminum Profiles Are Still One Of The Most Commonly Used Materials In The Electronic Products Industry, As Are Instrument Enclosure, Chasis del servidor, Industrial Chassis,Outdoor Waterproof Box ,Ip55 Enclosure,Ip67 Enclosure ,Ip68 Enclosures And Many Other Products.Because Of Its Strength And Durability, It Can Be Used In Various Harsh Environments Without Aging, Rusting Or Deformation Like Plastic And Stainless Steel. In Addition, Compared With Iron Or Steel, Aluminum Requires Less Maintenance Costs To Maintain Its Appearance, Even If It Is Exposed To Harsh Outdoor Conditions For a Long Time.

 Aluminum Has The Lowest Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion And High Dielectric Constant, Which Makes It An Ideal Material For Manufacturing Electronic Components. Due To These Characteristics, The Aluminum Housing Can Be Used In High Pressure And Underwater Situations. Aluminum Provides Excellent Thermal Conductivity To Enhance Heat Dissipation, Which Can Ensure The Safety Of Your Equipment Even If The Equipment Operates At Its Maximum Capacity. And Because Aluminum Never Corrodes Or Rusts, Your Equipment Will Last Longer Than Equipment Made Of Other Materials Such As Plastic And Steel. Moreover, Compared With Other Materials With The Same Strength, Aluminum Profile Is Much Lighter. 

Therefore, Weatherproof Enclosure Box 、Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure、Waterproof Nema Enclosures、Waterproof Junction Box、Waterproof Electrical Junction Box、Outdoor Waterproof Boxes、Waterproof Plastic Box、Small Waterproof Box、Large Waterproof Box Have Become The First Choice For Industrial Equipment Enclosures.

 Unlike Iron Or Stainless Steel, Aluminum Profiles Will Rust In a Humid Environment For a Long Time, And Aluminum Also Has Excellent Corrosion Resistance. It Means That Electronic Products With Aluminum Alloy Shell Can Be Used Outdoors For a Long Time. The Waterproof Junction Box Ip68 Of Yongucase Can Even Be Applied To Electronic Equipment For Underwater Detection.

 Anodized Aluminum Alloy Not Only Can Greatly Provide Material Strength And Corrosion Resistance, But Also Can Be Colored By Anodizing, Which Has Made Earth Shaking Changes In The Appearance Of Aluminum Alloy. The Reason Why Aluminum Alloy Can Be So Popular In The Electronic Enclosure Industry Depends On The Surface Treatment Process Of Anodizing. Of Course, Before Anodizing, The Aluminum Case Can Also Be Sandblasted Or Brushed, Which Is Also One Of The Processes To Improve The Design Sense Of The  Aluminum Project Box. 


 Aluminum Alloy Has High Strength, Good Corrosion Resistance, Strong Heat Dissipation, And a Variety Of Appearance Textures And Color Choices. It Can Be Processed Into Various Water Proof Junction Boxes, Waterproof Ratings, Aluminum Alloy Products, Etc. It Is Widely Used In Electronic Equipment Products.

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